Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Little Pea

We checked out the book LITTLE PEA from the library. Avrie loves it. In the book Little Pea has to eat 5 bites of candy for dinner before getting dessert(spinach). My little Pee-Wee is (still) a very picky eater. Thanks to this book, I we have a new trick for mealtime. Just a little reminder of this story and she will enthusiastically take 5 bites of dinner. Funny little Avrie! You are my favorite Little Pea! Here is a list of some of my favorite & most recent Avrie Moments.

09/28/2008 - All week Avrie has been asking me if she is a baby or if she is a big girl. She is determined to be big! "I'm a big geel!"
09/28/2008 - Something changed...my Sweet Avrie is back (has been for 2-3 weeks)! Is it the moon? She has been THE sweetest and THE cutest child I have ever seen!
09/27/2008 - I think she is ready for potty training, for sure! Tonight she was sitting on the toilet and she said in her oh so cute 2 year old toddler voice, "The poopoos are sleeping in my bum. They don't want to come out and play with their friends. They're scared." =)
09/28/2008 - The last few weeks have been a riot listening to her talk. First of all she has the cutest voice I've ever heard, second she can talk and talk and talk. She is beyond using language to get her needs met...she has stories to tell!
09/27/2008 - Avrie and Addie (and Annaliese for the matter) play so well with each other. I love to hear the little conversations that they make their toys have with each other. Very cute!
09/10/2008 - I took her for her first dentist visit. She gave me a scare because she mentioned a few times to me that her teeth were hurting...but good news, no cavities! She did great for the dentist too! Good job Avrie!
09/10/2008 - Cute little body on this girl. She was exercising the other day by punching her arms out in front of her and kicking her legs out one at a time. She was panting and so proud of herself for eckersizing. Too cute!
09/10/2008 - Okay, another thing I need to record is this girl singing Happy Birthday. SOOO CUTE! She loves to "make cakes" from Sand, or blocks, or other objects and sing happy birthday. Then she makes you blow out the candles. When you blow out the candles she knocks down the blocks, or dumps the sand, or destroys what ever the cake was made from. Too cute! Sweet voice too!
09/10/2008 - Likes to play with the doll house. Still enjoying dress ups but not as often as she used to. She is loving learning to draw. Whenever she draws herself...she always includes her birthmark. Cute as ever!
09/10/2008 - LOVE her little voice! She has been telling the cutest little stories lately! Sooo incredibly sweet! Need to get this on tape.
09/10/2008 - It's official, as soon as I admit Avrie has chilled, she sneaks back to her old tricks! NO more will I comment on Avrie's temperament good or bad! No more jinx!
08/16/2008 - It's official, Avrie has chilled out. She is a happy little girl with a little bit of spunk. Parenting her has become so much easier these past few months. I never finished the parenting books, I think she is just growing up.
08/16/2008 - I'm listening to her sing, "Old McFarmer had a pig, ei ei o." =)
07/15/2008 - Sings "Someones in the the kitchen with dinah strumin on the old banjo, singing, B - I- Bidel e i o. B. I. Bideli I OOOO B. I Bidleio OOOOO...."
07/15/2008 - Sings "There was a farmer had a dog and Dingo was his name-o. D-I-N-G-O..." =)
06/15/2008 - Loves dress ups. LOVES IT! (So does Addie)
07/15/2008 - We have been working on manners with all the girls. Finally understanding that grunting is not the proper way to demand a drink of milk. She politely says, "mommy, may I please have a drink of milk." =)
07/15/2008 - Has decided she wants to be sweet 90% of the day these days. I can handle that! =) Love that sweet little Avrie.
07/15/2008 - This girl is so ready to potty train. Waiting until we are back from all summer travel and she'll be golden!
05/28/2008 - At her developmental eval she did great. She scored right where she should for her age. Knows most of her colors too. Good job Avrie! =)
05/26/2008 - I was cracking up this week watching her march around the house banging 3 different musical instruments simultaneously, singing random songs. Very funny!
05/26/2008 - Still very much into her dress ups. Got some good pics this week!
05/26/2008 - Very much into hugs and kisses. Love it!
05/16/2008 - Very independent girl. Must dress herself.
05/16/2008 - Says her name "Aidwie" - very cute!
05/16/2008 - Says, "Clicke, clock" instead of tick tock.
04/28/2008 - Love her sweet little toddler voice. Just precious! I've got to get it recorded!
04/24/2008 - Has been sick! Luckily I took her in with me when Addie had a doc apt. to recheck for ear infection....Avrie has a double ear infection now!
04/15/2008 - Today Avrie saw a young baby picture of herself and Addie. She immediately pointed to herself and said, "That's Avie. I have birthmark owie right there." Then she pointed to her forehead. I asked who the other baby was and she didn't recognize Addie. I told her who it was, but she didn't believe me.
04/10/2008 - Has started that darn 2am awakening game again!
04/10/2008 - Has discovered my shoes. All day today she clacked around in some shiny white heals. Also today wore her sunhat and ballerina skirt all day. A sight to behold.
04/10/2008 - I can't get this one to eat anything but white doughy bread and hotdogs! She has texture issues I think.
04/10/2008 - Had her first hemagioma bleed a few nights ago. They weren't kidding when they say that they bleed! Avrie loved wearing a Dora the Explorer bandage. I think she just scratched it?
04/01/2008 - Great at counting to 20. Knows many of her colors.
04/01/2008 - Her language is getting so good! You can practically carry on a real conversation with her. Very fun!
04/01/2008 - This girl has the best head of hair! Love her long locks and curls at the bottom. I love how her hair sways back and forth when she runs.
04/01/2008 - I'm reading the "strong willed" parenting book. She seems to be responding positively already. Separately, she is getting better at ASKING for things nicely. =)
03/17/2008 - Still loving her pink blankie. She has two and has recently decided she likes one over the other. She will let Addie have the other one.
03/13/2008 - The last month, she has been sleeping much better at night. At last!
03/13/2008 - Hemangioma is getting lighter & smaller! =) It's still there of course, the pics of her without it are photo shop, but it really is looking so much better!
03/13/2008 - Loves to read. She will go pick out some of Kermit's books from the bookcase and just flip through and look at the words I guess.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sweet Adeline

Song Lyrics to "Sweet Adeline" Chorus

Sweet Adeline,
My Adeline,
At night, dear heart,
For you I pine.
In all my dreams,
Your fair face beams.
You're the flower of my heart,
Sweet Adeline.

(Sigh)...She really is the flower of my heart, that sweet little Addie! She seriously melts me! She is loved and adored by all! Once again... the latest and greatest list of some of my favorite Addie moments.

09/25/2008 - NOT shy what so ever! When she meets a new person, she is their best friend.
09/25/2008 - Loves, loves, LOVES princess dresses and dress up. Always loves wearing fancy accessories. Loves "Fancy Fancy" (Fancy Nancy) the book.
09/25/2008 - This girl knows how to make you feel just great about yourself. She ALWAYS compliments. "Mom, I love your necklace." or "Dad, I love your haircut." Thesse are both recent compliments we've received.
09/25/2008 - Little Swiper -Watch out! A number of times this week I've caught her snatch a toy from Annaliese and take off running (loving the attention). Big sister screaming behind her "GIVE IT BACK!!" Addie always gives it back (after I intervene) and gives her most "sincere" apology with a tiny little smile. TURKEY! =)
09/25/2008 - LOVES to have us watch her do whatever it is she is doing. "Watch Mom, watch me dance." or "Look mom, I made a tower!" Watch! Watch! Watch! And I do love to watch!
09/20/2008 - Shoe girl for sure! Insists on wearing shoes to bed! Not just any shoes...sparkly shoes. I got her some sparkly flip flops, now her favorite. She wears them to bed every night. Sigh.
09/20/2008 - Did I mention she's got a shoe thing going on? When our babysitter comes over, the first thing she does is ask to wear her shoes! Also likes to try on her speech therapists shoes when ever she comes over. I can never find my shoes either...thanks to little Miss Addie wearing them all the time and leaving them all over the place. =) (I seriously have to hide my favorite dress shoes...so that I can find them on Sunday mornings when I need them.)
09/10/2008 - This girl is crazy! Why won't she keep her shoes on....ever? We lost her crocs the other day in a store up in Wisconsin. Luckily the store manager found them the next day completely hidden. It took us a full week to get back up to Wisconsin to get them...but we got them back! Whew.
09/10/2008 - Such a sweet little girly girl...she found some size 10 sparkly shoes and loves to wear them, even though they don't fit. Good for dress ups and sleeping with. =) She also LOVES to wear MY shoes, scattering them all throughout the house, separating them from their mates. I eventually find them in the most random places!
09/10/2008 - Loves her teacher Miss Julie at Art class. It's pretty obvious her teacher LOVES her too!
09/10/2008 - Lately she has been really attached to her "Cindawella Baby". It's a very sweet little doll. Addie lost Cindawella for a few days...it finally showed up after searching high and low for days...stuffed in the pantry??? She said "Oh there you are! I missed you! Mom, she was on time out."
09/10/2008 - Finds little random toys that she will carry around all day. A little kitten figurine, a stuffed animal, a sparkling diamond "wing", whatever she is into that day and will just take it everywhere. She is funny because she'll set it down for a second and turn her back and forget about it for a second. As soon as she realizes she's not holding it..."Oh NO! Where's my_______!" Where's my ______! I can't find my ________!" She cracks me up! At night she does the same thing. She sleeps with her little tiny kitty...and wakes up in the middle of the night in a panic wondering where it is in her crib.
09/10/2008 - Early riser! How can this be? She did NOT get it from me that is for sure.
08/16/2008 - Still in her "I do it myself" stage. Must do all things herself...or else.
08/16/2008 - I think Addie is my other strong willed child. She just does her thing her own way. I'm glad to see her hold her own.
08/16/2008 - I don't think I ever mentioned that Addie likes to rub her fingers over her fisted knuckles when she is relaxing. Always has.
08/16/2008 - Doing so great in speech therapy. She has her K sound down perfectly in all words! We move on to S! Good work Addie!
08/08/2008 - Got her first haircut. So cute in her new little bob.
07/15/2008 - The past few weeks she has been SOOO independent! Nobody can help her to do ANYTHING..she must do it all by herself. Hope this stage passes by quickly.
07/15/2008 - Little bit of attitude going on with this little one. I swear Avrie and Addie trade personalities every now and then. It's like they KNOW how much I can take in a day. If Avrie isn't going to dish the full amount Addie decides to step up to make sure I get my full dose of toddler attitude per day. Silly girls!
07/15/2008 - Doing great in speech therapy. Says CAR properly! Hurray. Still working on other K words but she can do it! Starting on her S's now too.
06/15/2008 - Loves to wear dresses.
06/15/2008 - Amazing artist! She loves to draw on the doodle pad. She draws perfect happy faces (usually upside down, but perfect.)
05/30/2008 - Have I ever mentioned how this girl loves to jump? Her gross motor skills are quite good. =) At night before she lays her head down on her pillow she will stand up, jump straight up & throw her legs out in front of her so that she lands flat on her butt....after that she is ready to lay her head down. Funny girl!
05/28/2008 - Knows all her colors. Smarty pants! =)
05/28/2008 - Had her developmental eval this week. She scored right where she should be for her age! Good job Addie! She was really really good at naming all the different pictures! =)
05/26/2008 - Loves to draw on the doodle pads. She draws happy faces, often upside down but perfectly. Tonight she added legs and arms and hair. She is getting very good at drawing.
05/26/2008 - Loves loves loves playing in the hose outside.
05/26/2008 - Has her "L" sound mastered. Impressing her speech teacher. She can do her "K" but we are still trying to break her old habits and getting her to use her K sound. It's coming though. =) Her sentence structure and length of sentences is really taking off! She is growing too fast!
05/26/2008 - Has been unusually cranky this week. Funny girl had to take a few timeouts...she smiled the entire timeout so proudly...hmm.
05/16/2008 - Sweetest girl ever! MELTED grandma and grandpa's hearts in CA!
05/16/2008 - Loves to run and gallop and twirl her arms around! Very cute! Gives great hugs and kisses!
05/16/2008 - Has to give up sippy cups says speech therapist. Only straws for now!
04/10/2008 - The best eater ever! Why she is such a string bean I don't know! LOVES fruit! We call her "the little mooch" because if Kermit or I have food that she doesn't she will come beg for bite after bite until it's gone...like we never feed her or something!
04/10/2008 - Speech is coming along! She has her K sound in the middle and end of words. Getting better at the beginning of words. She likes her teacher a lot!
04/10/2008 - Has been sick with an ear infection and runny nose. She does NOT like to be sick!
04/10/2008 - Funny girl is copying Annaliese lately. She has been throwing tantrums "Annaliese style" this week. =)
04/01/2008 - This girl will figure out a way to get what ever she is after. She is a climber!
04/01/2008 - The other day in the car, she pointed up to a sign and said, "ABC's!" =)
04/01/2008 - TALL girl! I think she is growing!
04/01/2008 - Loves story time! Insists on several stories before naps and bed!
04/01/2008 - Loves little toy animals. She loves to take them and make them hug me while making little whiney baby doggie cries. nnnnn, nnnn, nnnn in a really high pitch. All animals need love.
04/01/2008 - Loves her doodle pad. She is getting dang good too! She draws happy faces!
04/01/2008 - Determined girl! Making progress in speech with her "K" sound. Good girl Addie!
03/13/2008 - This girl loves to accessorize. Loves sunglasses, necklaces, purses, fancy shoes, you name it, she loves it!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Annaliese, you sweet little dear!

recent masterpiece

This post is long overdue! Here is my most recent list of the cute little things about my first born that I cherish and love...things I never want to forget. What a blessing this little girl is! I hope she will always know how much she is truly loved and adored.

09/25/2008 - This girl LOVES to be the leader when she plays with her sisters. The twins love following big sister around, doing just as she says.

09/25/2008 – As she has been since birth, she continues to be my little bookworm. She loves studying the pictures and loves hearing stories over and over again. She has many memorized and "reads" to her sisters.

09/25/2008 – Have I ever mentioned that this girl LOVES to tell stories! When you listen & watch her play, she is constantly telling stories and acting them out. "The girl jumped in ito the water" as she jumps off the ottoman "and swam without any floaties" as she flails her arms about. "When she got tired of swimming she decided to have some lunch" and she sits herself down for a tea party. She is a great little narrator.

09/25/2008 – Lately she has had a lot of questions about where she came from and why she is on earth. I had to chuckle when she asked if she wore a spacesuit before she came to earth.

09/25/2008 - Tonight she told me (after drawing an amazing picture on her doodle pad of a family of cats) that she was not going to draw anymore….just watch movies. “I’m going to watch movies all day and all night.”

09/20/2008 - I bought her a T-shirt that says LITTLE DREAMER on it. As soon as I showed it to her she put it on. She loves it and is her new favorite. She knows it's true...she really is a little dreamer.

09/20/2008 - Every time I trim her nails she claims it hurts! How can this be? She has gotten better at letting me wash her hair though. She likes to lay down for rinse. I think she likes to pretend she is floating in a swimming pool. =)

09/15/2008 - I heard her count to 100 all by herself for the first time! Way to GO!

09/10/2008 - Still LOVES to draw. I am amazed with her talent. Recently she drew a picture of piano hammers...yes you read that correctly. Funny girl.

09/10/2008 - Likes to ask what words mean. She never really got into WHY this or WHY that...she's a WHAT DOES THAT MEAN kind of girl. She's been experimenting this week with the word "jealous". Cute girl!

09/10/2008 - Just before school started we took her in for a cute haircut. I just love it! It makes her look a little older though.

09/10/2008 - Is turning into a cute little space nerd. She LOVES learning about the different planets.

09/10/2008 - Did I mention that a few weeks ago we watched her play soccer at the park for the first time...man, she is good. Maybe I'll end up a real soccer mom someday!

09/10/2008 - Cracks herself up when she asks me questions like, "mom, have you ever seen a cat with 7 legs? HAHAHAHA!" or "Have you ever seen a cow drive a car?" She kills me! =)

09/01/2008 - She has been enjoying the new piano. She was sitting down recently trying to pick out "Doe a deer, a female deer" and was thrilled with herself! I was too...after all that is my best song! =)

08/16/2008 - She is excited for school to start again soon. Is wanting to see her friends again. I've been watching her interact with other kids at the park and she is initiating some play. Good job Noodles!

08/16/2008 - Had a wonderful summer playing with her cousins. Really likes figuring out family relationships such as Aunt Erin is mom's sister, etc.

08/15/2008 - LOVES to sing and sing. Makes up songs, makes up words and sings them loud and strong. Occasionally she'll sing a real song like "I am a child of God" at the top of her lungs...as we stroll through the park. Thank you Annaliese. =)

08/15/2008 - For the week we were in California this summer, she took her very first swimming lessons. She was so brave. This was so difficult for her BUT SHE DID IT! She did NOT like getting her face wet but I am so proud of her! Next summer we'll go for round two! =) She wants to learn! Every bath night, she practices blowing bubbles.

07/25/2008 - Has been enjoying Art Class this summer! She loves working on projects. She gets distracted in class when she sees all the lovely confetti sparkles on the ground left over from other classes. She collects all the confetti and uses them in her own projects! =)

07/19/2008 - I woke up this morning to Annaliese leading her sisters in Ballet! So cute. Everyone was in tutus and Mozart was blasting. They were dancing all around. Too cute!

07/15/2008 - She totally gets the whole reading thing. She can sound out words. Amazing kid!

07/15/2008 - Loves making up stories. She will draw on her doodle pad and tell stories about what she is drawing.

07/15/2008 - Loved swimming in Uncle Tanc's pool. She wore a floater vest and did great! Need to get this girl in swimming lessons!

07/15/2008 - Likes to try to get me to laugh by asking things like "Have you ever seen a foot eat spaghetti?" or "Have you ever seen a reindeer wearing a necklace?" She cracks me up with the things that she thinks are hilarious.

07/15/2008 - Is loving riding her big girl bike this summer.

06/05/2008 - Today was Annaliese's last day of preschool. She was a little bit emotional about it. She perked up later when she learned to whistle! =)

06/05/2008 - Is really liking the fish that we are babysitting while the owners are on vacation.

05/26/2008 - LOVES making up songs. Today we heard her singing in the car about all the colors of the rainbow. "Yellow is the color of bananas. Black is the color of the building my dad works in. White is the color of the clouds. Red is the color of some cars. etc." Singing loud and strong. I wish I had video!

05/16/2008 - Spent most of the day today speaking another language...not sure what language though. She loves to pretend!

05/15/2008 - Clipped all 10 of her fingernails all by herself!

05/10/2008 - Cut a chunk of her own hair....luckily in the backish only half way up her hair....perfect start for her upcoming summer cut!

04/27/2008 - She was watching Kermit eat some leftover Tandori Chicken from date night. He was eating a drumstick. She examined it and asked, "Where’s the beak?"

04/24/2008 - "Mmmm....All these cookies are making me hungry!"

04/10/2008 - My picky eater has a new favorite food. Last night I put 6 grapes on her plate. "I don't like grapes!" You have to eat 4 because you are 4 years old. "I will eat three." She takes a tiny bite out of three grapes. I tell her she has to eat 3 WHOLE grapes. After she ate all three she said, "I'll eat four because I'm four years old." A minute later, “I’ll eat six because I like grapes."

04/10/2008 - Got a good report at parent conference! She is playing more and more with her friends and enjoying it. She is learning to read just from being read to! Amazing girl!

04/02/2008 - Has had a lot of questions about death lately. She started crying when on Kermit's birthday he said that he was getting old. She said, "Daddy, I don't want you to die." Too sweet. So from now on, you're not old unless you are 100.

04/01/2008 - I overheard Annaliese talking to her real friend about her imaginary friend..."Sally lives all the way to Paris. I mean, Sally lives all the way to London. Me and Sally are kind of the same. I know Rock and Blorda and Pally. Blorda has pretty bows in her hair."

04/01/2008 - Got her hair cut last week. Her second haircut ever. Very cute new style.

04/01/2008 - Enjoying school, play dates & music class.

03/13/2008 - At her 4 year check up she was 36 lbs. (50%) and 42 inches (90-90%).

Friday, September 12, 2008

My Girls

These are pictures of my girls from this summer that I just love. You can tell they are just great friends and love each other. My dream is for them to remain best of friends their whole lives. I've found that having a sister is one of the best gifts in life...and they each have two.

I think His Tractor's.....So Cute

Here are some darn cute pictures of my girls with Kermit on the old tractor this summer. I even gave it a go this year. I found it to be much more difficult than I thought. I felt exactly like I did the first time I ever drove a car. The shifting thing is very different, so is stopping and going. Practice is needed for sure. Maybe next summer I'll be able to spend a couple hours in a field practicing. I NEVER thought in a million years, I would ever want to learn to drive a tractor. IT'S FUN, the kids loved it too. Kermit loves it for sure! Okay, I'll just say it....I think his tractor's sexy....(blush, blush).

Golly Ball...

Have you ever heard of Golly Ball? We're not sure why but that is what Annaliese calls bowling. =) Here are our pictures from a fun filled family day in Massachusetts. It was the Fourth of July and all of Kermit's family went with us. Our family Independence Day picnic and program were rained out....so a candlestick bowling we went. FUN! It was my first time...the gutter bumpers came in handy. =)

That night we did not go see fireworks...but we did end up seeing them a few nights later at a beach in York, Maine.....the girls LOVED that too!

Old house tour....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cool Beans

To see something pretty cool click on the "Featured Video" thumbnail at the bottom left here.

Didn't he do great! Kermit has been busy with his corporate client work but his firm also has asked him to take on some recruiting in addition. This was his first time in front of a camera. He says he was nervous! I'm not sure why he would be...it's just a little old interview in Times Square for Businessweek... KERM, you did GREAT! XOxoxoxox No need to be modest here! Congratulations on a job well done!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The rest of the story...

So to wrap up our California Adventure I just have to say...we had a blast! I was a bit nervous for this one. I flew ALL BY MYSELF with the little ones and SURVIVED! (I tried this once before and vowed to never do it again...it was bad news.) The kiddos were great. I sat in the aisle and Annaliese sat in the aisle across from me. The twins sat next to me in the middle and window seats. We kept busy with play-doh, stickers, fancy paper and markers, Richard Scary books, treats and of course...videos. We were on the 6am flight. Did I mention that the kids did great? They were so happy at 4:30am when we woke them up. They were so excited and ready to go! My dad was there when we arrived bright and early in LA and drove us back home. Byron's family had also just arrived on their flight at about the same time so he followed us back to Riverside. FUN TIMES WERE HAD!

*Cousin Corbin's 4th birthday party.
*Fun at THE PARK!
*Fun in the BACKYARD!
*Fun with COUSINS!
*Huntington Beach, playing in water and hot dog roast.
*More Beach (Annaliese and Avrie LOVED the water. Adeline, not so much.)
*Annaliese had swimming lessons every morning the week we were there! (She was so brave and determined! What a sweetheart!)
*Survived an earthquake
*Family photo shoot.
*Did I mention, Fun with COUSINS?!
*Dinner at The Elephant Bar.

Whew...all that in one short week. Kermit flew in and joined us on Wednesday night, so we all flew back home together as a family. We took the last flight out...got home after midnight...but we made it! The kids once again did great.
What a fun trip! Can't wait to do it again!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy 60th Birthday

Better late than never, right. I'm only a month behind and determined not to get 2 months behind!
At the very end of July all of my side of the family gathered in California for mom's 60th birthday bash. A pirate themed 60th bash, no less. What a great time we all had. Mom is an August baby so all the kids went in together and got her a beautiful peridot necklace and earings. We also put together a scrapbook for her listing all the things that we treasure about her. No pirate party would be complete without a treasure hunt. My brother Byron dressed up as a pirate and helped the kids follow clues around the yard to find different hidden treasures. My kids especially loved that. Annaliese is still talking about it! They also had pirate boat races (raingutter ragata style). My mom's brother's and their families also came for the party. It was so much fun to see some of my extended family that I haven't seen in years!
It was a very fun day! Happy Birthday again mom! I love you!