Friday, May 21, 2010

California Video

February 2010 = Lots o FUN!

February brings many things. A few of our favorite things....Annaliese's Birthday for one and Winter Break for two! This year we spent winter break in warm and sunny, balmy and beautiful California. We were able to celebrate Annaliese's sixth birthday with family! Love this girl! Can't believe my girl is SIX!!!

She wanted a cat a cat cake we made, complete with six whisker candles!

We also went to Sea World...great time! (This was about a week before they had to hold all Shamu shows due to the killer whale attack. Um, so glad we missed that one. Yikes.)

And no trip to CA would be complete without a trip to the Happiest place on Earth!

And a happy time it was!


Miss Annaliese! She was part of her Kindergarten play and did wonderfully! The class wrote a play called "The princess and the wedding." Annaliese played the part of the good fairy. She said her lines clearly and loud enough for all to hear. Not shy at all!
Also the paper program featured her art work! Bravo Annaliese!

January 2010 Hightlights

So here is a fun thing that happened with us in January. We moved all three girls to the back room! For months all three were in the smaller middle room. Annaliese on her bed, Avrie and Addie traded off sleeping on a floor mat and the crib. Yes, we had four year olds in cribs. (Eyeball roll, I know.) They seriously are the most wiggly sleepers ever! Whoever was on a mat on the floor would end up under Annaliese's bed by morning. They seriously needed the rails that the crib gave them. Now that it has been a few months in the big girl beds, I am happy to report that they no longer fall out of bed. The cribs have been dismantled and are now being stored down in the basement. AND...look at this cute room! I love it! They love it too. Annaliese's old room is now "the visitor room." So if you want to come visit us....we have a room just for you! Come soon!
Also another fun January 2010 HIGHLIGHT was a visit from my sister Erin! Did I take any pictures? No. Erin, did you take any? (I thought that we took one at the airport before you left but I can't seem to find it. Lame.) ANYWAY, I always love it when Erin comes. The very night she arrived the twins decided to get the flu. Lovely. We each took care of one of them through the night keeping the barf bowls at the ready. Welcome to Chicago Erin! Luckily nobody else got it. The rest of the visit was delightful. We just had fun visiting and being together. I love that girl! Come again...the room is ready for you (and we'll try not to get the flu)! =)