Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Eight Month Update

This baby is so darn cute and lovable! I feel so blessed every single day to have her.  She has three new teeth this month for a total of 4 on the bottom and 2 on top (her incisors).  Thank goodness.  She had been working on those for the last month and finally they broke through!  She is still waking up multiple times in the night but I know it won't last forever.  She takes 2 naps per day and has been doing pretty good the past few days.  We are in MA right now and she is adjusting to a new bedroom and house pretty well all things considered.  She likes to be held a lot which has made it hard to unpack and get settled but we are getting there. She's been waking up at 5:30am every day since we've been here but the last few days I've been able to nurse her and get her to go back to sleep until 7:30.  About half the time I've been able to go back to sleep as well.

She eats one meal per day of solids.  She loves to eat puffs in her high chair.  She still is an awesome nurser. She is so sweet when she is nursing. She'll usually pat my arm rhythmically or stroke my arm with her buttery soft fingers.  Sometimes she'll scratch or pinch.  Also sometimes she'll play with her hair or ear.

She is sitting pretty well unassisted.  About once a day she'll fall backwards.  She can pivot pretty well on her bottom.  She also is still working on her crawling.  She can get on all 4s and is working on trying to move.  She is super wiggly when you hold her so I know she just wants to move.

Her hair still stands straight up.  She has one little tuft on top in the back that is an inch or so longer than the rest of her hair. It's like a little Indian feather or something. Very cute.  I'd call her a blond but there is definitely some red going on. Strawberry blond I guess.  Her eyebrows and lashes have the same strawberry blond coloring.

She is a little chatter box and jabbers a lot.  She likes to say DA DA DA a lot.  We try to teach her that Kermit is Dada but she's not getting  it yet.   She likes to sing and hum as well which about melts me.
She loves to bang on the piano, take baths, splash in water, visit the chickens, take walks outside, be held and played with.  A couple of days ago at church a mom sat down next to us with her 12 month old.  Oh my! Althea just loved it! She was so excited to see another baby. It was hilarious! The 12 month old was a crawler so the mom ended up taking him out because he was just too busy to contain. Sorry Althea. Maybe next time.

Love that baby!
 Loves to be outside.  Loves her exersaucer too.
 Her first selfie.
 Helps with the laundry.
 Loves the bath.

Sisters dressed her up in the beret. Loves the puffs.