Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hello the Boat!

Last Friday we drove to Wisconsin and picked up our new....canoe. Cool! This beauty is gigantic! Our whole family will fit in it for years to come with no problem. We're looking forward to trying it out this summer. We brought it in the house this morning to let the "kids" play in it. =)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Flowers & Signs Annaliese Style

The other day Annaliese asked me to take her picture with these flowers that I brought home from Enrichment Night. =)
She loves flowers. Every time we go to costco she asks if we can buy flowers. I usually say, "maybe next time...." I really should buy flowers more often. Look how happy they made her. I think I will say yes next time.

Annaliese has been a busy sign maker lately. See if you can decode these messages. Answers in comments.


Wohoo! This has been our morning! Good times.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Okay, this is one of those things I'm not sure I should blog about or not. Maybe TMI... but here it goes anyway.

Tonight at about ten I was sitting here at the computer minding my own business and thinking about going to bed so I could get some good sleep when Kermit comes down and tells me not to freak out or anything BUT, he just saw a large mouse or small rat like thing walk into our closet!!!! This is so gross! I HATE RATS but amazingly I kept my cool. So much for a decent sleep tonight.

We immediately dug up some traps, slathered them with peanut butter and set them in the closet. Long story short, the little guy doesn't like peanut butter.

By midnight we had him trapped under a clear plastic box. He's still there now. We don't know what to do with him. If we let him go, he knows how to get back in our house. (We think he got in through the upstairs laundry room vent via his amazing spiderman skills or....I just don't know.) I just hope his little friends didn't get the memo. Just what we need a house full of mice (at least that's what I'm going to call them but I really can't tell which this is).

This is just disgusting. I guess I know what I'll be doing tomorrow. Yeah, I'll be washing everything in my closet and sanitizing like crazy. That's no April foolin' either. ICK!

Other than that things are great around here! Really! =) Also on my to do list tomorrow...get my hair cut! Looking forward to that as always. All the little ones are doing great. We had a fun day today playing at home and a little visit to the library.