Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Random Photo

I found this random picture yesterday that just made me laugh. I don't remember this day very clearly but it looks like it was a good one. =)

I'm hoping to complete some catch up posts this month as I am soooo
f a r b e h i n d. Wish me luck.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Canoe in waiting

So this is where we've been storing our canoe. It has not been sitting in our kitchen all summer as you might have wondered. It's been hanging from the rafters in our garage. It fits PERFECTLY! If our garage was an inch smaller it would not have fit- literally! I'm sorry to report that we did not take the canoe out for it's maiden voyage this summer but I have a feeling we'll be able to make up for it next year. And so it waits in the rafters until then.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Twilight with cheeseburgers

I wouldn't be surprised if all 5 of my readers have already seen this. If not, I just have to share. It gave me a good laugh.


Okay so the link isn't working...just do a YouTube search called "twilight with cheeseburgers". Maybe it'll make you laugh too. =)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Anniversary Weekend Review

So now that everyone in the blogoshere knows I married a sweet and tenderhearted male that can write poetry (and can figure out my password)...I'd better post something quick in response. I'll spare you any attempt at rhyming but thought you should know that I love my husband also and feel so lucky to have married him ten years ago. Life has been so good with Kermit at my side! I truly feel blessed.

So here is the weekend review.
Kermit and I headed out of town for our anniversary weekend sans kidlets. We drove to Madison, WI because we thought it sounded fun and we had never been there before. It was so close too, only 2 1/2 hour drive! We had dinner at a fabulous restaurant called Harvest. The food was incredible! The menu was simple but OH SO GOOD! Everything on the menu came from local farmers. Did I mention YUM? I highly recommend this place if you are ever in the neighborhood. Another place I recommend if you are ever in Madison and want to stay in the nicest B&B around...check out Mansion Hill Inn. LOVED this place! We had fun just walking down State Street and driving around town looking at all the beautiful old buildings and houses. We missed the kids but oh how nice it was to just be together and RELAX and not be interrupted. It was just EASY!
The next day we drove to a place called Devil's Lake. Beautiful! It was crowed but so pretty! We took a hike up the side of the mountain that was along the lake. It was some serious hiking...difficult I'd even say...or maybe I'm just out of shape. We'd go again for sure though! Maybe even next summer we'll find a place to take out the canoe maybe even....camp.

It was a most memorable weekend for sure. It was a perfect way to celebrate ten good years!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Anniversary Alison!

For some time now, Alison has maintained this blog without contribution or comment from me, her husband. You may ask, why is this so? I don't have a good reason, aside from the fact that I am male. But now the time has come to break the code of silence. Today is our 10th anniversary and I want to officially declare that I love this woman! You heard me blogosphere, I am the luckiest man living. Alison you are the love and joy of my life, so embarrassingly blessed in riches of human kindness, beauty and talent. Now that I have crossed the blog line I might as well go for broke. Oh yeah I'm talking poetry here people. I wrote the following to commemorate our 10 perfect years together. With love from Kermit.


A summer night, a seaside town
The moon and stars all shining down
A sandy ridge o'erlooked the sea
I promised her, she promised me

A white-washed room, a silver band
Her slender fingers in my hand
Family present, family gone
And those to come, all looking on

A song, a tear, a kiss, a sigh
The fundamental things apply
As time goes by--our love expands
Five beating hearts, ten holding hands

And on life's worried, hurried train
Above the noise, a single strain
The steady sweet unbroken voice
Of Alison, my love, my choice

Ten years and more have come and gone
The moon and stars still shining on
And you, like they, eternal spark,
Companion, lighting up the dark