Thursday, July 24, 2014

9 months

This baby duckling is already 9 months!  She is so busy!  She finally learned to crawl just this week (on my birthday to be exact) and she loves to explore.  She's so cute because each move she makes is so careful and wobbly.  She is gaining confidence daily though and I know it won't be long before she will be in to everything.  She is very curious and loves to grab things and taste everything. 

She's been working on tooth number 7 and 8 (her two top front teeth).  They are really hurting her.  Poor thing.  She keeps her fist in her mouth and drools and wakes up in the night.  I give her Motrin and chewy toys and lots of love.  Her sisters are great at helping to keep her happy and distracted. 

We are really enjoying having this cute baby around.  Today Addie told me that she didn't want Althea to turn into a little kid.  She wants her to stay just like she is.  I remember thinking the same thing about all my babies but they have sure turned out to be super kids so I know the same will be true for Althea. 

She loves to jabber as usual.  She says "Adoo" a lot.  Other things we hear her say often "baba, dada and gaga"  We are still trying to get her to understand that dada is her dad but that will be awhile I'm sure.

She loves meal time.  She sits in her highchair next to the table.  Lately she's been able to have tiny little  bits of table food which she really likes.  I'll also put fruit inside a little meshy thing that she can suck on.  She loves the watermelon and plums.   She eats baby food pretty well.  There are a few foods that she hasn't liked (peaches and green beans).   She makes a mess and definitely needs a bath daily.  She loves her bath time.

She loves to get outside.  She loves going out to visit the chickens.  She also LOVES going for walks and hikes in the Baby Bjorn.  Loves it!

Life is good with this baby around.  Love her!