Friday, July 31, 2009

Last Day of School - Summer VACATION is here!

We've been gone a travelin' to and fro. We're back! Here are pictures from the official "beginning of summer vacation"....the last day of school back in June. Annaliese was so sad to not be able to go back to school. There were two things that made it okay for school to be out. 1.) She could write letters to her teachers 2) We would be able to travel to see grandparents. That was enough to make it all better. =)

Annaliese had a wonderful second year of preschool. She attended three days a week and had great teachers, great classmates and friends. Her portfolio was full of all kinds of fun photos and examples of her work. She amazed her teacher with her drawings (and I want to save them all)! She knows all her letters, sounds and numbers up to 100. She writes words sounding them out phonetically and can sound out words to read. Socially she really came out of her shell this year. She was friends with all of her classmates and especially loved to play chase with some of the boys. (Hmm.) She is a little dreamer and loves to tell stories and use her imagination. Her teacher commented to me that hours after a lesson Annaliese would still be thinking about it and would be thinking of new ways to apply what she had learned. Her ability to concentrate has always amazed me. That said, sometimes it's hard to get her attention because she is busy thinking about other things. We call it "zoning" but she's just busy....thinking. =) A special treat was when Kermit was able to take her to school in the mornings. Nothing was better than to have dad drop her off! All in all she had a most excellent school year. By golly, she is ready for KINDERGARTEN!