Wednesday, September 23, 2015

what the heck?!

Can't believe she's a one year old for only another month.  Wow how time flies!

Just a little cute story about my little Althea.  On Sunday we were out at Princeton and trying to get her in her little baby carrier back pack so that we could take a walk in the woods.  We were struggling to get her in right.  Her clothes would get all crunched up or her shoes would get stuck, etc..  Out of nowhere, Althea said, "what the heck?!"  Kermit and I looked at each other and just started laughing.  She's never said that before!  She is a little sponge!

Other cute stories from lately...
She loves to do everything "all by yeself." 

Goes to bed without any trouble.  Does not nap!  If she does go to sleep in the day its in the car.  If we are out at Princeton I'll just leave her in the car with the AC running and let her nap in the car and just check on her every 15 minutes.

Whenever we pull up to the house she always says "We home!"

Loves her chickens. Perfectly content to just go out and play around the coop.

Likes going to nursery at church.  My other kids did not so this is good.  The big girls take her in and drop her off.  I think that helps.

She talks soooo well.  Perfect sentences regularly.  She is amazing.  She gets life too.  It must help to have 3 big sisters that literally love to teach her new things.

When she prays she listens to what I say but then just repeats the last syllable of what ever I said.  I say "Thank you for Mommy and Daddy"  She says, "ddy"  She'll get it.  One day I said "please bless erin and romney and bless their new baby"  Althea said "What about Miles?" 

Says her name "a-tea-ah"

Such a goof ball.  Likes to make silly faces to get a reaction from us.