Sunday, November 18, 2007

Birthday Girls

Today my girls turn 2! We will officially celebrate next week when Grandma is here. Here is one of one of my favorite pictures of them in the NICU taken around Christmas last year. Can you tell who is who? I love these girls so much.

This week they had their 2 year old doctor check up! I couldn't believe it but both girls let the doctor examine them without crying or having a fit! Amazing! They also took their shots with minimal tears (and NONE from Addie)!

Avrie is 26 lbs. (25-50%) and 34 inches tall (50%)

Addie is 25 lbs.(less than 5%) and 36 inches tall (90-95%)
Amazing little creatures! Wow how they've grown!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Look what a year can do...

Last Thanksgiving in St. George, UT

The Twins are getting ready to turn two soon. I've been thinking about their lives and the adventures of the past year a lot. I'm overwhelmed with so many memories. WOW it is amazing all the changes that happen in such a short period of time. Just for fun I put together a list of things to help me remember what it was like to have 3 under 3 years old. Here are 10 ways of how life has changed from a year ago for us (or just me) at home....

  • Diapers - Last year I was changing 3 babies diapers, now I only change 2 (One less does make a difference!)
  • Shopping - Last year I couldn't go anywhere by myself with all the babies. I started off this last spring/summer by going to Costco alone....2 babies sitting in the seats up front and Annaliese in the back of the I'm recently confident doing Target alone as long as we are in and out baby up front, one in the cart and Annaliese can walk. Maybe if I'm feeling bold we'll try the grocery store soon!
  • Car loading - Last year loading and unloading the minivan was a major undertaking, 3 separate trips to the car....while it still takes much effort, it helps soooo much that they can stand and walk alone. They are even starting to be able to climb up into their seats alone! Hooray! To unload (at home) I can just unbuckle, 1,2,3 and get out of the van, and unload 1,2,3. They play in the back yard while I unload the van of our loot. Very convenient!
  • Nights - Last year we were up 5 times a we are just up 2 times per night on average. Not kidding. Argh! This has been the biggest challenge!
  • Meals - Last year I had the babies in high chairs in one part of the kitchen and Annaliese sitting up to the island for meals (as of the last 2 weeks) the twins sit up to the island together with big sister making meal time soooo much easier! WOW I had no idea this would be so great! AND, now they all eat the same food too- chicken nuggets, hot dogs, yogurt, waffles, bananas, cheese, pretzels. Who needs variety. Wow, I almost forgot...spoon feeding two babies simultaneously is a tricky task to conquer! It can be messy too, X 2!
  • Church - Last year we had to bring a stroller to church because I was never really good at holding two babies (or 3) at once - especially when Kermit was busy teaching. This year....all three walk up the stairs themselves, everyone holding on to the rail! We also go to the wonderful wonderful wonderful NURSERY! We are still very noisy in Sacrament meeting...I am having the hardest time teaching them to WHISPER at church!
  • Stairs - Last year getting babies up and down the stairs was quite the chore. Gates closed and secured both at the top and bottom of the stairs 24/7. I'd Carry one baby up at a time (our stairs are steep and wooden and slick!) Now all three move up and down on their own, holding on to the rail. (We still keep the gates up just to contain them as needed.) They seem to understand that we do not play on the stairs.
  • Play - This year they play together...all three of them! It is so cute! They help each other too!
  • My hair - Last year I had the "wash and go hair doo" every single day! (Wet, kind of curly, kind of straight... I think of 80's metal band hair).... but I was just grateful to get a shower for the day! This year....I plan to actually do my hair - as in blow dry, style and straighten my hair a couple times each week! I think they might let me! I'm so glad for this because I have a pet peeve of wet hair in public. I will be no longer drive myself crazy with my own wet hair pet peeve.
  • Outings - Last year going to the park was fairly easy (depending on how long the twins could last sitting in the swings or in the stroller). We would always go to "the little park" because it is close, small, enclosed and I could see Annaliese at all times- she couldn't get away from me while I entertained the babies. This year at the park I have 3 busy bodies to keep track of most often running in all different directions. This isn't bad at all when we hit the little park but a huge challenge when we go to the bigger parks (which they love by the way....slides are the best). It can be done - but is challenging! (I'm going to have to dress them all in neon to keep track of everyone if that's what it takes!)
  • Bath time - Last year bathing was all consuming and sucked out any remaining energy I had left at the end of the day if there was any left at all. I bathed them each one at a time. I used a baby tub placed the kitchen sink....what a production! This year...all three hop in to the bubble bath together upstairs....they play, I wash their hair, they play some more. I can take one girl out at a time, get her in PJ's, get the next out, get her in PJ's and then Annaliese gets out and into PJ's - DONE! Easy as that!
  • Air travel - TBD....Last year was just plain old nutty! It probably still will be but maybe less so. We'll find out in December when we head to CA. (Oh yeah, 2 year olds aren't free anymore! Ouch...five tickets!)

There are many more I'm sure that I will think of later and will have to add them as I think of them. It makes me laugh out loud as I think of the last year and some of the crazy moments we've had with these sweet girls. And it makes me laugh again when I think of the "terrible two's" ahead! I do just love these darling little girls and I'm really really excited to celebrate their entry into the world this week. They make me smile every day and I feel so blessed to be their mother. What a year it has been!

My Martha Moment

So a few years ago as we pulled into our garage early one evening we found that our next door neighbor had placed a perfectly good couch in the alley by her garbage...a very nice couch I might add. It looked like rain so we decided that we needed to save this couch from the rain and the dump so we pulled it inside....

I'll admit it was pretty darn fun to snag such a great find for free. I also have to admit that I have been somewhat annoyed with this couch for the last TWO YEARS. Here is why.

This couch was meant to be slip covered but the original slip cover was thrown away separately, & we weren't able to rescue it from the the couch as we found it was covered in just a thinner plain white muslin with unfinished edges, etc. I researched everywhere to try to order a new slipcover from Mitchell Gold for that specific couch...NO LUCK! So...we gave up and just threw a blanket over it and stuck it in our front room. Yuck. It just looked so cheesy to me but I never had any time to do anything about it. Two years of staring at this free couch with a blanket slipcover has been driving me FINALLY....I tackled the impossible....

As you can see I'm not done yet....but hope to be by the end of the week. Not bad for a rookie! I think the cushions might be harder...I shouldn't gloat yet.

Kermit admiring my handywork.

Lately with Avrie....

This picture cracks me up....she loved being a bee buzzing all around. Her face is so funny in this picture. Maybe not her most flattering photo but I love it because her lips are so juicy with excitement and the hair in her face doesn't seem to bother her for the moment while she poses in full costume.

11/09/2007 - Silly girl! Screams, stamps, face bright red with anger, for her baba....I hand it to her and she automatically switches off like nothing was ever the matter and says very sweetly, "Tanks!"

10/15/2007 - Very strange behavior for 2 weeks and 2 weeks only. Avrie was happy 100% of the day all day every day. I don't know if the hospital stay helped her realize she had so much to be happy about at home or just what but it was amazing. I have another theory that I will write about in a separate post. I wish we could figure out what it takes to help her be happy and what it is that sets her off so easily otherwise. My little sensitive one. Puzzle.

10/05/2007 - My poor baby spent 3 days in the hospital this week. She had severe stomach cramps and was breathing weird not to mention she was pale pale I took her in to the ER. Test after test negative...I'm now quite certain she had a nasty virus! It's Adeline's turn now, luckily she didn't get it as bad.

09/26/2007 - She cracks us up! She loves to walk around with her hand clasped behind her back. She looks like a little old lady calmly checking out her garden or something!

09/26/2007 - Yesterday we took the lock steering off of her trike...withing minutes she figured out how to steer all by herself. Within 10 minutes she was steering with one hand!

09/26-2007 - It's official she is a parrot...she can repeat anything she hears nearly perfect! She says sentences like "Mommy come on, lets go" or "Time for bed mommy, night night" all the time. She is amazing!

09/15/2007 - Last few months her hemangioma has lightened up quite a bit. The bump is going down too! We like this trend!

09/15/2007 - Sings very clearly the words and melody to "twinkle, twinkle", "ABC", & "Rock a bye baby" - the cutest thing ever!

09/15/2007 - Loves to count! Half the time she really does count to 10 correctly! The other half of the time she just throws out random numbers!

09/07/2007 - She said "I Yuv you" to Kermit tonight before bed. Melt me.

09/06/2007 - Poor girl has been sick and has terrible diaper rash. Hurts just to think of it!

08/20/2007 - She's saying sentences! "Come on, dad." "I want that." "Adeline sit down." etc. Hearing these types of sentences more and more regularly.

Loved, loved, loved her first pony ride!

With her found treasures on a nature walk...

I can't explain this, but she does it often...just walks around calmly & casually with her hands clasped behind her back.

Lately with Adeline...

11/09/2007 - Such a little sweetie is back! I love her sweet soft voice and gentleness. Such a good baby when she is feeling well! Glad her flu bug is finally gone!
11/09/2007 - She points to herself and says "Addie" - so cute. She calls Avrie, "Avie" and Annaliese "Anniese" - her language is just improving! Every morning at 6am (5:00 for a week after the time change) she wakes up yelling, "mommy, where are you!" over and over until I rescue her.
11/09/2007 - Likes to count...1, 2, 3, 2, 9...same every time unless I remind her of the 4 then she can count to 10. But it is so cute, her little 1,2,3,2,9 thing!
10/28/2007 - Yea! Whenever you ask a question to Addie she now answers either "no" or "uh huh"! This is good! Previously it didn't matter the question, the answer was always a simple "no". Funny girl!
10/28/2007 - Temper girl....look out when she gets her mind set! On floor kick scream!
10/28/2007 - Loves sitting up to the computer! Can't keep her off of it!
10/28/2007 - Language is getting better! Sentences form improving daily it seems! Example....Mama, drink please.
10/28/2007 - Has started to inform me when she needs a fresh diaper..."mama, poopoo."
09/26/2007 - I was reminded the other day how flexible Addie is! Her back can curve back so far it is disturbing! She has always been like this. I wonder if she will be a gymnast?
09/26/2007 - I love to watch her run! She is so long and she bounces from side to side and goes so fast! She also has this dance we call the "daddy dance" because she does it when she is excited (she's excited to see dad) her little hips go back and forth, her shoulders up and down, feet stamp. So cute! I've got to get a video!
09/26/2007 - After baths this girl loves to be rocked and rocked and rocked....any other time of the day she's been too busy to be rocked lately!
09/26/2007 - Addie is my alarm for Avrie- whenever Avrie is standing in her highchair Addie will say "Sit down! Sit down!"
09/26/2007 - Addie is cracking me up! When her sisters start to annoy her in the least she'll tell them "Be nice Annaliese, be nice!"
09/16/2007 - Loves to sing! Her new favorite is "the wheels on the bus" they go "roun e roun" and the people go "up e down all through town." Very sweet.
09/13/2007 - Still an early bird! Wakes up daily in the 6 o'clock hour no matter what. Good thing she's usually a good napper!
09/13/2007 - She is getting better and better with language! "What dat mama?" or "Where dada?" or "I want dat" are heard daily!
09/13/2007 - Her hair is growing! I can even get a tiny little barret clip in her "bangs" and it looks so cute!
09/06/2007 - This week I've noticed clear sentences starting to form! She can clearly say "I wan baba!"
08/24/2007 - Gotta get this girl off a bottle! She loves it darn it!
08/20/2007 - She still is such a singer. Nearly every morning she wakes up singing! "I yuh you, (I love you), You yuh me, we a happa yayaye..." etc. Words are coming along still. Melody perfect

Loves to hold hands! "Hand, hand, hand...." until you take her hand.

"Puntin, puntin, I yuv puntin!"

Has always been a shoe girl!

Learned to jump and loves showing off her new skills!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


All I can say is WOW! Bring on New Moon...I'm hooked & loving it! (Thanks Gretchen for letting me borrow your copy...)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Lately with Annaliese.....

*This picture was taken here at home the first weekend of October but summer was trying to hang in there (I think it was close to 90 degrees that day). I love her carefree happy look. She was busy goofing off with the little sisters and having a great time!

11/04/2007 - Acts out a show for us to's called the Annaliese Show....starring Annaliese of course. Don't worry "it's not scary and won't freak you out." Funny girl!
11/03/2007 - Has discovered the fun of jumping off furniture into a pile of cushions on the floor! This is a big deal for my cautious little one. She stands on our little ottoman and leaps onto the couch cushions on the floor below. It's especially fun to jump on cue to the Dick Van Dyke Show theme music! Funny girl!
10/31/2007 - There was a stray tricycle at the park that she wanted to ride....what do you know....she could do it all by herself! She was on cloud nine! So proud! As soon as we got home she sat down on her trike withOUT the push bar and rode around in circles so proud of herself! Good job Noodles!
10/2007 - Loved being a bee for Halloween! She loved twirling around in her costume. She was sick for the Halloween party at school but was able to attend the ward party and also attend her music class in her costume.
10/2007 - Kermit was telling Annaliese how some turtles can live to be 100 years old. She said, "That's a lot of memories!" Sweet girl!
09/26/2007 - Learning to spell! Tonight she was spelling random words by sounding them out phonetically! Amazing kid!
09/26/2007 - Did I ever mention she loves to rhyme? Loves it!
09/26/2007 - A few weeks ago we got tricycles...poor kid is probably the only 3 1/2 year old that hasn't learned to ride a trike! We're getting there! Zigging zagging down the sidewalk!
09/26/2007 - A few weeks ago Annaliese caught the vision of the fun a slide can be! After literally be pushed down without her consent, she came back up to be pushed again and again. Before long no more pushing needed! "I can do it all by myself!"
09/15/2007 - Loves her doodle pad. Still! She is such a great artist!
09/13/2007 - Last night Annaliese had a very hard time going to sleep...she was worried about fires (she recently had a nightmare). I explained over and over that she need not worry and was able to calm her down. The next day in school...a fire that freaked her out! We're working on not worrying about fires (and monsters).
09/13/2007 - "Those kids running around were freakin' me out!"
09/05/2007 - Collected "special treasures" on nature walks through Princeton. She loves lining up all her acorns, pine cones, birch bark, hickory nuts, etc.
08/30/2007 - Loved her first day of "real" preschool.
08/20/2007 - Went to her first day of Vacation Bible School. A little overwhelming. She observed a lot, participated a little, loved painting. Looking forward to real preschool next week!