Thursday, March 24, 2011

As Time goes by...and by, and by...with no posts.

Time to get the ball rolling again.

For now how 'bout a video of my girls from about 10 months ago. New enough right?! I don't think ever I posted it here anyway. (Okay after waiting too long for it to load I gave up...try the link at the end of the post. That'll get you there.)

Where to go from there? I don't know where to begin. Here is an awesome quote:

Quote of the Week: Avrie yesterday said, "When I grow up I want to be an astronaut that sells old fashioned nutcrackers in outer space."

Brag worthy: Report cards and parent teacher conferences were this week. It's official. My kids are way smarter than I was at their ages. Also, they have started taking a Spanish class and are LOVING it.

Other Happenings: Got released from YW Pres last week. Mixed emotions because I love the girls, but glad to have more evenings home with my family. KO is now in the stake YM. I am a VT. I like that...a lot.

Birthdays: We celebrated KO's 46th this week. We love birthdays around here...and we especially love him! We went out as a family to a middle eastern restaurant for dinner and came home to presents, cake and ice cream. His favorite gift was a cool "fashion hat" as the girls call it. =) Pictures to come!

Random Alison thoughts: Getting the itch to travel. Where to go? I'm thinking France for some reason. The girls' little Spanish words and phrases won't help us there. Neither will K's German. My high school French won't either for that matter! K has a meeting in turkey coming up that I could go tag along for free. Istanbul though? I hear it is great, but not on my top 10 places to visit. Call me unadventurous. Truth be told, I'm too chicken to leave my girls, afraid I'll orphan them. Totally irrational but a true fear of mine. I've missed tagging along to some really cool places these past years to stay home with my girls, but that is okay. We always said we would go later and visit those cool places as a family rather than leaving the kids at home. They are getting close to the age where we can start doing that. Today I pulled out our old travel photo album and showed the girls our pictures from our travels before they were born. I think that is where the itch comes from tonight. Guess we'll hold out for a not so free whole family tag along to a meeting somewhere else. Any meetings in France, Germany or Spain coming up? Didn't think so. Not so interested in taking the the whole family to Istanbul though. Oh, we ARE taking a trip soon to see my brother in Dallas. Dallas IS on my top 10 places to visit. Can't wait to see our cousins! After that...we'll just have to see! Kind of fun to dream about.

Video update: Okay already! How long does it take to load a video on blogger for crying out loud! FOREVER! I think I better just go to bed. Maybe you won't see the video of my girls from 10 months ago after all. I'll try posting a link. Try this. Good night. =)

How's that for a random jump start back into the blog! More to come soon...I promise! =)