Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Meet "Pumpkiny"

A couple of nights ago Annaliese got to stay up a little later than normal to carve a pumpkin with her dad. You don't have to ask her she'll just tell you that "I'm daddy's girl." Yes, she is daddy's girl...but mommy is crazy about her too!

The last few nights at bed time Kermit has taken "Pumkiny" up to Annaliese's room and they've watched the pumpkin glow as they read stories and fall asleep. Too precious for words.

The Bee Team

This was my favorite Halloween of all time! These little girls just loved"beeing" bees! Annaliese LOVED her tutu bee costume. I've never seen her bounce and dance around so much! The twins were just old enough to somewhat get it and be excited about it! They loved filling their bags with candy and were always very gracious to say "Daydoo"...translation..."thank you". So cute. Lots of people had their dogs out - so the girls were in heaven with costumes, candy, kids and a chance to pet every dog on the block!

The girls loved "buzzing" and tickling each other! They were just beaming with happiness all afternoon and on into the evening. The twins went to bed regular time 7:30 but at 8:15 I still heard them up there talking and giggling away.....Happy Bees! Annaliese has been sick but was well enough to enjoy the evening too....she loved passing out candy at our door almost as much as she liked trick or treating! Love that girl! Love all my baby bee's and the bee keeper is a keeper! Fun day!

That last picture is from the Halloween party at the church last Friday night. Again, the kids loved dressing up! Unfortunately we got there a little late but we still had fun. It's always fun to see what other people come up with! There were some very fun and creative costumes! We won a little prize for our family costume which was fun for us! I've never placed in a costume contest before! Cool! =)


Happy Halloween!!! Trick or treating was such fun this year! The girls loved it! On the topic of Chocolate I have this to say....Every single house on the block that we took the children to were passing out chocolate! Yes, some little mini bars.... but many full blown king size candy bars....lots of Snickers, Reece's & M&M's. Ouch! I've got to get rid of this stuff but I feel bad throwing it all away! It's one thing to throw away Dum Dums and another to throw away a perfectly huge and delicious Snickers bar! Snickers were my favorite back in the day...I would eat one every single day! Those days of high metabolism are gone and these thigh thickeners must go before I devour them all (and babies don't eat chocolate at least mine don't)! Diet starts tomorrow, getting ready for the all the over indulgences of the holidays ahead! Oh, I feel sick and gross.

By the way...I think our house was one of the only houses that was passing out Costco Cheapie- Sweetarts, Nerds and Tootsie Rolls. The kids would see what we had to offer and say "Nerds, My favorite, can I have two?" Have all you want....please take it all- I have no self control even with the non chocolate stuff! To the dumpster it goes- the rats will be fat and happy tonight!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


The Grove

2 weekends ago we loaded up the family and headed for "the grove" in Glenview. Why I had never heard of this place before remains to be answered! We all had a really fun time wandering the trails taking while in all kinds of nature. We saw deer, ducks, turkeys, fish, Teepee's...what more could you ask for on a nature walk! Inside the visitors center there was a fun display of all kinds of critters both alive and stuffed. The live turtle pool was a huge hit as were the snakes...yikes.

The girls had a blast exploring everywhere, collecting treasures along the way. Here are some highlight photos from the day.....I only took about a million that day so here are my favorites. (I could tell that even Annaliese was annoyed with all my picture taking!)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Picture Perfect

Getting a good photo of all three girls in one photo is near impossible! This is one that Kermit was able to splice together using just 2 photos in photoshop.
I just love this picture! It was taken in July back in Massachusetts. I love their dresses too. I have a thing for baby dresses- I can't help myself!

Wingy Woundy Wosey

A favorite at our house the past few weeks has been "Wingy Woundy Wosey" or Ring around the Rosey! They LOVE it! They are singing and playing constantly- and I mean constantly! A full chorus non-stop! So cute and so fun! The last week has been just a riot watching these girls! I love my job!