Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I love the way Annaliese shows us she's three. I caught her trying to do it the right way...noooo stay little!

Walkin' N Talkin'

It's official both babies are walking! Avrie is walking pretty much exclusively and just crawling occasionally....Adeline is walking 50% of the time and crawling 50%. Adeline is still pretty wobbly but she LOVES showing off her new skills! When she stands up she'll look up at you as if to say "Wow! Look at me! I'm doing it!"
Annaliese is funny...the twins are getting lots of attention for their walking so Annaliese gives it a try. She widens her stance, puts out her arms for "balance" and wobbles along like her sisters...then says "LOOK, I'm walking too!" Good job Little Noodles!
Not only are they walking but also talking! Yesterday Avrie found a baggie of pretzels held them up and said "Pretzel" plain as that! I couldn't get her to say it again though! She's been doing that she'll just blurt out a word perfectly one time and then won't repeat it for anything! Stinker! One word she never hesitates to repeat is "no". Isn't she too young to love "no" so much? haha!
Adeline is getting quite the vocabulary too. Nana (banana) is her favorite word of the day. She's been carrying around a toy banana everywhere she goes. Funny girl. She also loves to say "Appah" or Apple. Very cute. Other words: Uh oh, bye bye, night night, duck, hug, baba (Bottle), hat, woof (dog), Vuuuuvvvv (elephant sound), and my favorite...Ma Ma. She says "mama" so sweetly as she reaches up to be held. I just melt whenever I hear her sweet voice! Very sweet.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Easter 2007

Easter Sunday 2007....After church we took some pics in their cute little coordinating Easter outfits. Annaliese had a great time decorating Easter eggs the night before. She loved her Easter morning indoor egg hunt too. This spring has been way too cold and easter morning was no exception-way too cold to do it outside! The babies napped through the festivities but they had fun later spreading easter grass throughout the entire house. I figure next year will be our first competitive egg hunt with all three going after them.
The babies are funny. They pick up their huge basket, wave and say "bye bye"- it's pretty cute.
Also, a great time was had by all when we went to visit our friends the Seamons family for dinner and an egg hunt the night before! Dinner was excellent! Egg hunt outside! Freezing but fun!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Children's Museum Pics

The best time was had by all! We headed to the Children's Museum on a random Thursday afternoon that Kermit had off work! What a perfect afternoon! No crowds, just fun! Here are my favorite pics from that day.

Random Pics of the Girlys...

Happy Addie at the Children's Museum.

I know exactly where she gets it!

Ave the wave.

More good times....

Another favorite game is Horsey...complete with sound effects of course.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Birthday boy!

When Kermit came home from work on his birthday, Annaliese immediately told him that we had a 4 and a 2 to put on his chocolate cake for his birthday! I guess it wasn't supposed to be a surprise but it was still cute. We had a perfect dinner together...all five of us. Steaks and mashed potatoes. Yum! After the twins were in bed we opened presents...we meaning Annaliese. =) She just loves birthdays! Then for the chocolate cake, double yum! I think he really did have a happy birthday just being home with his girls. That weekend we got a sitter and he and I grabbed a cab and headed to the movies (Amazing Grace). We walked home with some yummy Starbucks cocoa. Simple pleasures.
So far 42 has found Kermit down in his shop. He finished a project he has been working on for a long time. A tool chest! A thing of beauty that holds EVERYTHING! Now everything has a place and he is able to find anything he needs quickly. He put it to the test by making a backyard swing for the kids in record time! What a cute swing too!

Birthday Girl!

Guess who is now THREE! She holds up three fingers with her pinky finger, middle finger and pointer finger. Her thumb holds down her ring finger. It's pretty dang cute. "I'm big now. I'm three years old." "I'm growing bigger and bigger, just like a plant." Being three has been the cutest stage yet! Being three brought IMMEDIATE potty training success. Yes! Unfortunately she has the appetite of a typical three year old. Chicken Nuggets, PB&J and chocolate milk are about all I can get down the hatch anymore...I'm hoping that will change before she is four. She LOVES to be read to. She loves practicing her letter sounds by naming everything she can think of that starts with the different letters. Her toy preferences go in waves. She'll find a favorite toy for a couple of weeks then move on to the next favorite and rotate through them all over again. She loves to play with her little tiny toy animals, puzzles, play doh. She is quite the artist. She loves playing with her doodle pad. She loves to watch shows...we put a limit on that though or she would watch the TV ALL day! She loves being outside. Loves the park and playing the the backyard. Dad just fixed up the sandbox for the spring and built a new swing that she is excited to try out! Life is good at three! It's so much fun to watch her mind grow each day and to be the mom of such a beautiful girl. She'll always be my angel baby.
Here are some pictures from her birthday party. She was soooo excited to have party hats! We had a heart themed party with all her friends. We played elefun, read stories, sang songs, decorated little mini heart cakes and opened presents. What a fun party!