Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

If you count the girls in the picture above, there are a few extra sitting around making candy houses while the turkey cooks. The "extras" belong to my friend Rachel. Rachel and I have been friends since our days together back at the BYU. We were roommates and what a wonderful roommate she was! I tell you she hasn't changed either! She is so much fun and just an outstanding person. She and her husband and four daughters joined us for Turkey Day this year. I am thankful for good friends and especially Rachel and her family!

Looks like I was on the wrong end of the photo here. Nice hair everyone has don't you think? =)

I had to snap this photo...two reasons.. 1) the giant drumstick on Addie's plate 2) It is now official that she is allergic to Amoxacilin. If you look closely you will see the "freckles" she has all over her face and hands. Luckily her reaction wasn't beyond the hives. Sweet Adeline, I'm so glad and thankful that you will be fine.

So I tried a new recipe this year that was just too good not to share. Here it is if you are curious. YUM! You won't be sorry!
Also made the famous Dixie Salad and it was a favorite (apples, oranges, grapes, pomegranite, marshmellows and whipped cream all mixed up together). I tried a few Pioneer Woman recipes. I liked the cranberry sauce a lot but was so-so on the green bean casserole. I figure I'll try this one next year. If I'm the only one that is going to eat them, I may as well make them a little healthier. This looks awesome year. I also think I need to work on the old turkey. He turned out good...just a tad on the dry side in my opinion. A great meal though and great to be with family and friends.
I "only" weigh three pounds more than I did a week ago. =)
We've had a wonderful weekend counting our blessings. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too!

Adeline & Avrie are 5!

My babies are now five! I can hardly believe it myself and yet when I look at them I realize that yes, it is TRUE! They have grown so much in a year! We decided to invite the girls from their class over for their party. They wanted a My Little Pony party. They chose the hats, the plates, the cups, etc. They helped me make some giant lollipop decorations that were on the tables. The surprise though was the candy table. When they woke up in the morning and saw the candy table...they were so excited!

Avrie wasn't too sure about having a party that wasn't on her actual birthday...but she soon found that having two celebrations is actually pretty cool.
Both Avrie and Addie loved having their friends over and had a really happy time. Kermit and I were just happy watching them be happy. He shot some good footage....maybe I'll have to put him up to making a little birthday video. I hope! =)

I love these girls. It blows me away when I think of their rough beginning at life. I feel so blessed that they continue to thrive, grow and learn. My whole life I thought it would be cool to have twins but never did I dream that I would actually have some of my own. It blows me away how different two girls can be from one another. It also amazes me how such differences can compliment each other. They are a perfect pair. I love these two forever. Happy Birthday my sweet girls!

More of October

What would October be without our visit to Goebert's Farm! I love the picture below. Avrie is holding the zombie's hand! he he. =)

Last but not least, here is the video again. The resolution isn't very good here so click the link here for a better picture.

Halloween 2010 - Sugarbuzz Video

This Halloween was a good one, as expected!

Annaliese was a snow leopard, Adeline was Little Red Riding Hood and Avrie was a Jack -o -lantern.

Me, a witch. Kermit, himself!

Saturday we headed to our church for a fun Halloween party. The pictures above are from the party. (Oh and I must add that I won a little prize for "the most unique" chilli for the cook off. I do love that white chicken chili! The kids were quite impressed that mom could cook something worthy of a prize. To them, good cooking means dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets from the freezer.)

Sunday was Halloween. Trick or Treaters kept coming by the dozens. We thought passing out candy was as much fun as getting it! When we finally ran out of candy we went out for our own turn at trick or treating. Good times! (note to FOUR Costco bags of candy next year!)

Also, here is Kermit's latest video appropriately entitled "sugarbuzz" with footage from our post trick or treating. Thanks Kermit for putting this together! So cute! Click here to view on Youtube.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Primary Program

Today was the Primary program at church. It turned out so good and I was so proud of our girls and their friends.
This morning before church we had quite the drama going on. Avrie was so upset and nervous about it and was crying and sobbing that she didn't want to go. Annaliese was excited and practicing her lines and practicing projecting her voice while dressing herself in an outfit that looked like a six year old put together....(a jumper that didn't fit anymore along with hot pink cowboy boots...luckily she was open to other outfit suggestions). Adeline was busy trying to convince me she didn't need to wear tights and had on a pair of old pink suede shoes that didn't fit Annaliese anymore but didn't quite fit her or match her outfit. I had overslept so was barely dressed myself. We were a like a crazy family trying to pull it all together it was funny actually.
We finally made it...just a few minutes late. Avrie was still upset and trying to convince us that she was not going to participate snuggled on my lap. When it came time for them to go up she hesitantly went up with the encouragement of the primary president. Whew.
They did great! All of them! Annaliese said her lines perfectly and clearly and loudly. She knew all the words to the songs and was terrific. Avrie and Adeline did their lines perfectly as well. The sweetest thing though was how Adeline comforted Avrie the whole time by holding her hand. MELT ME! I wish I had a was too sweet. Avrie really appreciated the extra love from her sister for sure.
Our ward meets in an elementary built in the 1940's. The auditorium is old and the acoustics are not very good. The amazing thing is that we could hear everything perfectly where usually it is very difficult. It was such a well organized and well rehearsed program. The primary presidency did a fantastic job with the kids. I think it was one of the best primary programs I've ever seen. Great job to all and especially my girls! You made us so proud! =)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Field Trips

When ever the kids have a field trip for school I try to go with. Their school is small so they rely on parent drivers for all field trips so I usually get to go. Here are some photos from Annaliese's trip to Goeberts Farm. It was pretty cute. All the kids got to feed all sorts of animals and take a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch and pick out a pumpkin. Fun!
Avrie and Adeline took a trip to the Swedish American Children's Museum. We had never been before and were very impressed! The play areas were adorable. They made a craft and learned songs and learned all about what farming was like in America and Sweden.
We'll be going back for another visit one of these cold winter days coming up for sure.

I didn't have the chance to really read any of the books that they had at the museum but they looked adorable. We love good picture books at our house. I'll have to take a trip to the library and check them out. Maybe we've found some new books to add to our collection? I hope so!