Saturday, March 31, 2007


It's been a tradition ever since I was in college and my sister Erin was in Jr. High that she would come visit me where ever I live and spend a week. Despite our 9 year age difference we always have had the very best times together and are best pals. We'll usually do a mix of touristy stuff, shopping and just hanging out talking. In the evenings we'll watch favorite movies or play card games. This year was no exception! Erin came and spent a week with us in February. Fun fun times! Though I'm afraid that this year (and last) may have been more like nanny duty for her with all these little babies about! But luckily she loves these girls as much as I do! (In fact if Kermit and I die, guess who gets our girls!) I wish so much that we could live closer to each other! Maybe someday? I hope. This picture was taken just after Annaliese's Birthday party. As you can tell the three little ones weren't exactly excited to be photographed. But all three sisters, they LOVE their Auntie Erin! And so does their mom!

Friday, March 30, 2007

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home....

It's true! True for the little ones and for me! When Kermit comes home in the evenings, he will announce his arrival by giving a little whistle. When the girls here that..."DADDY!!!" Everybody runs for the front door to greet him! What a reunion! Hugs and kisses galore! If Kermit can make it home early enough we'll have a quick dinner together and then it is off to bed. The girls LOVE to be read to every night before going down and they love it even more when it is dad whose lap they are on!

Christmas 2006

We had a healthy and mellow Christmas at home in Chicago this year. Here are some favorite pictures.

Thanksgiving???? Flugiving!!!

Thanksgiving 2006 will be one we will never forget! =) We loaded up the kids on a plane and headed out west. The plan was to fly to LasVegas where we would spend just one day in a nice hotel while Kermit attended to a work meeting. From there vacation would officially begin. We'd rent a minivan and drive up to St. George, UT- a quick 2 hour ride! We'd meet up with my family who were driving up from Southern California and we'd all stay together at Kermit's mom's place there in St. George and have a nice weekend together! Ha!
Lets just say....FLU...domino effect! It started with Avrie. Our midnight drive to St. George took more like 5 hours with Avrie puking and all three babies bawling! We thought the girls were just tired and Avrie just had motion sickness. We thought wrong. Avrie stayed sick the entire week vacation! We had one perfect day before the everybody else got sick. That was the day that the picture above was taken. We spent it out at Ivins, UT checking out some neat old Indian Petroglyphs. Fun was had by all, even Avrie I think. That evening we celebrated the twins first b-day and had a nice ham dinner. At midnight or 1am my mom, dad, Kermit's mom and my sister - all sick sick sick!!! All bathrooms occupied all night! Every single person got it! I was the last to get it....the last day...the day we had to drive back to Las Vegas and get on a plane back to Chicago....We sat in the back row of the plane next to the lav. Whew. Of course everyone was better when we got home.

Babies babies everywhere

Here is my very first blog posting ever. My friend Karen is here helping me figure out just how this works. Here is a picture of my twins from last February. They had only been home from the hospital for a month. Adeline is the yawning baby on top. Avrie is the other one. They have been so fun to have in our home....and lots of work. We love them. Annaliese loves them too.