Monday, December 15, 2008

Zoo Lights & "Is he REAL?"

Back on the 5th we went to see Zoo Lights at LP Zoo. It was freezing cold but oh so worth it. There were no crowds and we got great parking thanks to the cold weather. The girls were bundled up from head to toe and didn't even mind the cold. They really had a great time. They were just so HAPPY. I love it when we have an outing that that goes so well and everybody is just plain happy. The girls danced together to the music playing over the loud speakers and just loved making a fuss over all the decorations. They also got to decorate gingerbread men cookies which was fun for them. We warmed up in the lion house with some hot cocoa...which 2 of the 3 spilled down the front of their coats. We saw Santa there. Annaliese told him she wants a jack in the box for Christmas. Afterwards she asked us if he was the real Santa. We told her he was a helper.

The next night Annaliese asked if Santa was real. I told her we would find out on Christmas if he left any presents. I kind of feel bad about that. At what age do you sit down and have "the talk"? Not to a four year old, right? I believed until I was 10 at least, but I never asked point blank. What to do, what to do. All I think to do is keep on focusing on what is real about Christmas- the the birth of our Savior. That I can do and that is what I love most about Christmas anyway.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Card Photo- Take 1

Seriously, this is the best one from the 20 plus we took today. We'll try our luck again next week.
The reject pics always make me smile the most though. They're real. I have some awesome rejects from last year that I love to look at just for laughs.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

How Lovely Are Thy Branches

This week we decorated our tree. I love opening up the Christmas ornament box! Each ornament is wrapped individually in tissue paper and opening each one is like opening a little present. In each present is a memory from Christmases past.
A tradition my mom had for us kids growing up was to buy each child a new ornament every year, one that we got to pick out ourselves. She marked them with our initials and the year. Sometimes we would choose a traditional ornament - like an little angel or a shepherd but sometimes not and we would choose one that reflected what we were IN to that year as a hobby..... like a hot dog skier, a sewing mouse, a bunny rabbit cheerleader, a miniature piano, etc. I love finding the white lacy butterfly and the baby deer in a bulb that go back as far as I can remember. I also love finding the tiny nativity ornament that I brought home from primary when I was a sunbeam. Some are kind of tacky others beautiful, but to me it's such a nice way to have a piece of childhood and home with me for Christmas.
Kermit and I are also having lots of fun buying new ornaments. A few years ago we bought a ton of pretty crystally snowflakes on clearance from Pottery Barn. Last year we bought a ton of musical instruments. This year....TBD. Kermit and I both have pretty strong opinions about how the tree should look. Kermit likes a theme...I like the hodgepodge from Christmas past. So what do we do? Well, we try to shop together for new ornaments that we both like...AND we get two trees. A little one in the family room with all the fun memories on it and a thematic, fancy, sparkly tree in the living room to wow us every time we walk by.
Having the girls help us decorate was so much fun. All the ornaments ended up right at their level. The branches were so heavy from all the weight that the ornaments kept falling off. Kermit and I redecorated tonight. Both trees turned out just gorgeous I think. How lovely are their branches!