Friday, February 28, 2014

Come to Zion

We were able to escape from the frigid temperatures of Chi-town this winter with a trip to St. George.  It was just what we needed!  All week we had temperatures in the high 60s and sunshine. We soaked it up.  We stayed with my parents and Erin, Rommey, Miles and Magnus came up for the week as well. What a great time!  We hiked the hills behind my parents house.  We hiked Snow Canyon.  We hiked Zion (the trail that leads to the Narrows).  And how could I forget…the kids and Kermit got to swim (their highlight)! Lots of good food and fun visiting.  We popped in on Aunt Sheron and Uncle Richard.  We also stopped by to see Valrea's old house that Tanc has now and went to see our little plot of land out at Ivins.   We are headed back in April and can't wait.  Love you Family!!  Great to be able to spend the week with you.  We'll be back soon!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


This winter has been bad! As in awful! Terrible! I am so sick of it! The weather has been so cold that the kids have even missed 5 days of school due to extreme temperatures outside.  So when the day finally came where we got snow AND it was above 15 degrees outside we took advantage!  Lucky for us Erin was still here and we got to show Miles a good time too.  They had a ball!

Erin and Miles Visit!

Hurray for sisters!  I have the best one out there I think!  Erin came to hang out with us for the week just because!  Kermit was out of town and Romney was crazy busy with a class he is taking so why not?!  We had a blast!  We had so much fun staying up way too late laughing and visiting.  It didn't even matter that much of her visit we were were in single digits or colder.  Her little Miles warmed right up and had the girls loving every minute.  Here are some pictures with some highlights.  Can't wait to do it again!  And soon! Love you Erin!

 My girls are all huge Miles fans as you can see.  They played with him non-stop from the moment they got home from school until bedtime.  Erin laughed saying that Miles didn't have to lift a finger all week!  They even fed him!  He is such a cute little guy! I love him and am so glad he's my nephew!

4 months

This girl is beautiful beyond words! Every day I shake my head in amazement.  She is perfect!  Today she is 4 months.  She had her check up today and did great.  Stars all across.  She is probably on track though to get a helmet for her lopsided head.  She favors looking to the left and in fact her neck muscles are so tight it is hard for her to turn her head to the right.  She has started physical therapy to help with this but her head shape still needs to get she will follow in Annaliese's path and get a helmet.
As you can see this girl is loving her tummy time.  She has really improved this month.  The girls love to get down on the floor and play with her.  She actually just tolerates the tummy time but loves the attention from her big sisters. 
Also just this last week she has found her voice.  She is experimenting with different volumes and tones and making different sounds.  She is also starting to laugh a lot more.  She likes to be tickled.  She always has a smile ready for you.  If you just go up to her and talk she will always give you a smile back.  She is just a happy girl.  Love her!  Happy 4 months Baby Girl!