Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Seven Months

LOVE this baby!  Seven months she has been in our lives and our whole family has been smiling ear to ear and in love with this bundle of joy.  I don't think I've ever known a happier baby than Althea.  She has a smile for all that she meets.  Her blue eyes and long lashes melt me.  That smile just puts me in the best mood.  That hair, that hair!  She gets a lot of attention for that all naturally happy hair!  Those chubby legs…who can resist?!  Her fat little fingers and toes!  We all love every single thing about her. 
The picture in the swing above was taken on her 7th month birthday.  It happened to be a hot one.  Below in the stroller was just 4 days later and it was near freezing.  That's been this spring for you.  Every morning and afternoon Althea and I walk big sisters to and from school in the stroller.  For the most part she enjoys the walks and being out.

We were at the park last week and sisters wanted to stop and take pictures of our "Dandelion Fuzz Head Baby" in the patch of dandelions.  A little out of focus. We'll have to try that one again.
I like to call her my little baby duck.

Althea is loving her exersaucer.  She loves her toys and being able to see the world while she plays. We still try to give her plenty of tummy time so that she can practice getting up on all fours and hopefully learn to crawl soon.  Although with 3 big sisters who want to hold her 24 / 7, who needs to crawl?
She is eating solids and really liking them.  She gets one meal of solids a day, usually at dinner time.  She's my Gerber Baby. She still is an excellent nurser.  She is so funny as she nurses.  She no longer has her fingers in my mouth but rather bangs her arm up and down on my arm rhythmically, or she will scratch my arm with her little fingers that are sometimes very sharp. She also often will inhale loudly and hold her breath for several seconds at a time and make a sound like she is hyperventilating or something….but she's not.  I think she just does it because it sounds cool.  Or she will hum while she drinks.  She's just nonstop fun even in these quiet little moments.
A few weeks ago on her 7th month bday she had just her bottom two teeth.  Last week she got another bottom tooth.  It's very cute. She won't ever let me put my fingers in her mouth to show anybody her little teeth.  In fact she always pushes my hands away as soon as I try getting close to her face.  Oh well. Trust me, they are there and they are adorable. She's working on that fourth bottom tooth now and has made for some rough nights lately.  It must be so painful for her.  She literally whimpers in her sleep as she is teething.  Poor baby girl.

She is rolling all over the place forwards and back.  She can pivot around on her belly too.  She loves finding her way to where she is half way under a bed or rocking chair with a skirt or blanket hanging low that she can play with.  It's so cute to see her get excited.

There we have it.  All the latest for this little darling! You're up to date!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Spring Break. Part One - Northern Utah

It didn't take us long to figure out what to do for our Spring Break this year.  Two of Kermit's nephews were engaged to be married one weekend apart with our week of Spring Break in between.  One wedding in Provo, UT the other in St. George, UT.  We booked our tickets immediately.   We were so excited for both of them and so excited that we could finally take our kids to see Northern Utah for the first time.

We flew into Salt Lake on Friday afternoon and had a few hours before we had to be down to Provo so we took the kids to see beautiful Temple Square.  We walked all around the grounds and told them all about the day we got married there almost 15 years ago. We went inside the old tabernacle and to the new conference center.  I hope that the girls will remember that day.  I wish we had more time to linger but we had to get to Provo for a dinner for cousin Elliot and his bride to be, Valerie.

 (Just enjoying the view of the most beautiful temple ever….)

 Elliot and Val were married in the Provo Temple.  Here are pictures from just after the wedding.

I think Elliot found himself a great gal!  I had a chance to visit with her a couple of times and I really like her.  Welcome to the family Valerie!

After the wedding and before the reception we had a few hours to spend.  We ended up going to BYU Museum of Art.  The special exhibit we saw was incredible!  It was called Sacred Gifts.  Amazing paintings of Christ from all over the world…some famous artists, some not. All just breathtaking.  I don't like to use the word "breathtaking" because I think it sounds silly but in this instance I cannot think of a more appropriate word.  I definitely felt the Spirit as I went through this exhibit and I think all of my family did too. You should go.  It is there until Memorial Day, so not much time.  Hop to it!

We also went to a favorite restaurant called Bombay House with the wedding party for lunch.  YUM!  A good time was had by all!

Then we got to see our very favorite Michele and Daniel! Hooray! Love these two.  We got to visit with them at their house in Provo.  Michele put together a cute little Easter Egg hunt for the girls.  We got to see their very cool house that they have remodeled.  They have great modern taste.  We also decided to take a drive up Provo Canyon to see a cute little park there so the kids could run around.  So much fun to see them. We wish they didn't have to live so far away.

 Finally was the reception that night!  (What a day!)  This is about all I got as far as pictures at the reception but all had a great time.  The food was all prepared by Elliot and Val and was fantastic!  The music was fun, the company great.  The kids played hide and seek and had themselves a blast among the crowds of Elliot and Valerie well wishers.   Below is cousin Emma with the girls.
At some point that day we also drove around BYU and let the kids play by a creek by the bell tower.  I think it was that morning before the wedding.  Yes, that was it.  Baby ducks and tulips everywhere.  What could be better.  I could not have dreamed up a more fun weekend and so glad we got to go!