Friday, August 14, 2009

Good Excuse

Okay, I am slow getting our summer vacation pictures posted. I have my list of excuses all ready if anyone is dying to know. Well since you asked...Kermit has been busy monopolizing the computer every free moment he's had. Here is what he has been working on. I guess I can get over it and forgive him. I LovE it! Thanks Kermit!

Ps. Did I mention that I LOVE IT? LOVE IT! LOVE IT!

Monday, August 10, 2009

This weekend....

...was a most memorable one. 2 crazy things happened. One good, one not so much. First the good. We took the kiddos to Millennium Park. As you can see the girls were not shy about getting wet. They had a ball! I tell you that matching neon green swimsuits is the best way to keep track of your kids in a big public place like Millennium Park. The girls were playing, having a blast, when out of nowhere, who should we see but Katie! Katie babysat for us for a summer when the girls were little little. She was here just for the day from UT and we just happened to be at the same place at the same time! It was so fun to see her and to catch up! It's a small world after all! I'd post the picture of Katie and I together...but lets just say...I don't really like it. Katie looks awesome! Me, not so much. =) Imagine a picture here of me and Katie. Imagine that I look good too. =)

The other crazy thing that happened...2am Saturday morning. Kermit and I were awakened to the sound of what I could only assume was a race car barreling down our little residential street. Then an instant later we hear screeching tires and then a HUGE crash after crash after crash followed by car alarms blaring. Yes, that was weird. I knew almost immediately that it wasn't a dream. It was too loud to have dreamed it and sounded like it could have been in our living room . Kermit threw on his shoes and ran down stairs. Three drunkards in their grandma's Jeep/race car were driving 80MPH and lost control. The first car hit was the car parked right in front of our house. Nobody was killed, that is the good news. Our planter is all bent up. That is the other piece of good news. All I can say is, thank goodness for the bent up planter. It kept those cars on the street and out of my living room. Kermit and I both have been a bit jittery and have been counting our blessings for sure.