Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend + the rest of MAY 2010

Guess where Kermit and I spent Memorial Day weekend!
No kids!

My old stomping ground!
(Um, that would be DC in case you couldn't see the capitol there in the background on the first pic.)
Everywhere we went we kept saying, "the kids would love this....lets bring them back." Guess we'll just have to do that. This place is such a blast to visit and is where Kermit and I spent much time dating those three we'll bring the kids back for SURE!

We visited the American History Museum one day and the National Gallery of Art the other. We could have seen a ton more....except when you sleep until noon....guess we'll just have to go back!

This was my first time back since I left almost 11 years ago. I loved flying in to Reagan Airport looking down at Arlington and all the old familiar places I used to go. It took me back to a time when Kermit and I would fly back and forth just to see each other for a weekend. Here I was doing the same to see my man after not seeing him all week. (He had been there on business and I flew in to join him for the long weekend.) The difference this time is that we got to go home together rather than saying good bye! (And I just realized something....Memorial Day weekend was the weekend we got engaged! That is a post for another day but all the more reason to celebrate!)

I loved my cab ride to the hotel passing all the familiar places and beautiful winding roads. I'd live there again! Oh, how I loved DC!

That weekend there was a huge parade of veterans riding motorcycles through town. Not just a few motorcycles...thousands and thousands! Thanks to all the veterans that have served our country! We love you and appreciate all you have done!

We visited the new World War II memorial. It wasn't there yet when I lived there. We liked it, but felt it was too modern for our taste. We love what it represents. Too bad this wasn't completed sooner when more WWII vets could go see it.

We stayed at a hotel across from the White House. Hay Adams. Very cool! No pics of the hotel but here is the White House anyway.

What a fun trip! Can't wait to go again! And take the family next time!

Then there was the rest of May....

We are getting ready to say good bye to our good friends the Francoms. Boo hoo! Don't leave us!Good luck to you friends!

We played in cotton wood fluff. Aaaaahhhh Chooooo! Where is my zyrtec?

Visited Brookfield Zoo. If you look close there are giraffes back there.

Checking out the animals. This was only our second time at Brookfield. Pleasantly surprised this time! We just may have to go back again soon!

Grandma and Kimmel came to town! Yes, its that time of year when grandma makes her trip back to Massachusetts for the summer and when she stops in Chi town to see us! We love it! This time Uncle Kimmel came too! We visited the Art Institute....

and Millennium Park.

We had a blast with them! We cant wait to see them again soon on their turf!

And last but not least...May brought us many a family bike rides. Loving those bikes! We get lots of smiles as we ride down the street. Dad takes the lead with the three girls behind. I ride in back to push along any slow pokes.

GREAT TIMES in May 2010~

April 2010

Let's see.... a few pictures from my phone to share. It was a beautiful April. Easter was a warm day here which NEVER happens. I loved that we had General Conference on Easter. I wish it could be like that every year. I loved staying home with the girls hunting for eggs. I loved hearing wonderful messages and talks! It truly was a day centered around family and the peace that comes with Easter. A perfect day!

(I think I have some other pics taken with our good camera...stay tuned...they may turn up yet!)

March Madness 2010

We celebrated Kermit's birthday with style this year! He blew out 45 big ones with all the girls gathered round to witness. His favorite gift (or maybe our favorite) was the pack of sticky mustaches! All the pics I took were on my phone....why do I do that? They just don't turn out. Luckily my parents were in town and snapped a few with a real camera. THANKS DAD!

I really need to just catch up on this blog. Too much time has lapsed and I'm drawing blanks. This much I do know.....Kermit had an awesome birthday! I have a picture to prove it!