Sunday, July 29, 2007

Who's that? What's he doing?

Yep, that's Kerm! Working like a mad man! Loving every minute of it! We spent 10 days in Princeton, MA at his mother's farm house over the fourth of July holiday. Every morning Kermit was up before sunrise clearing fields of overgrown bushes, brambles, weeds, etc. - quitting after sunset. He cleared an entire field and took down dozens of scrubby trees in hopes that the surrounding ones will have less competition and really take off and get huge. He LOVED loved LOVED it! We're hoping to go back for a quick weekend of more chainsaw fun before summer closes.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

THIRTY...Uhmm five...

It's true. I'm 35. Feels the same as 34 (though I feel like I'm only 30 at most)! Feel very blessed and very happy (only a little frazzled)! 3 great daughters, an awesome husband. Good health and Great family ties all around. It's good to be 35 (even though my life is half over!) =)

PS - Not half over yet...I plan on living to a ripe old least 95!

No Vacancy...

Yes, the King Hotel was open for business this week, every bed full! So fun! We had people everywhere! My brother Byron drove his family up from Texas. My sister Erin and her husband flew in from LA, along with my mom! What a blast! It has been a dream to fill this house up with family visiting and at last it happened! What a great week! My only regret is that my dad and my other brother Derek and his family couldn't make it!
Annaliese and the twins hit it off immediately with all the family - Aunts, uncles and cousins and Grandma! They played and played and played! Never a dull moment! I don't think we even had the toys out - didn't need them. The girls just loved just playing with their cousins! It's so fun to see them have such a good time with everyone! Can't wait for more reunions. We didn't even scratch the surface of the many things there are to do here in Chicago. I'm hoping that all will come back in a year or two for more Chicago adventures! All family welcome ANYTIME to the King Hotel!

Here are some highlights:
-Cousin Chris Waldron and wife Sarah visit
-Cubs game at Wrigley (they won!)
-Zoo and Lincon Park
-Tickets to Wicked
-Chicago Boat Tour
-Midnight ice cream runs
-Navy Pier Rides
-Children's Museum
-Dinner at Joe's Be Bop Cafe (fun live music)
-Late nights - early mornings - FUN TIMES
-Driving like a crazy woman to get to the airport - they barely made thier flight - last to board
-Did I miss anything?!

Come back again! I love you guys! THANKS FOR COMING!

Massachusetts vacation....

Farm House in Princeton, MA

This year we headed back east for a week. It's become somewhat of a tradition to spend a week around the fourth of July. What a great time we had. The girls loved being at grandmas house, new house to explore! Kermit was in heaven...every day 4:30am he was out working in the fields clearing brush and scrub, taking out small trees so that the more mature ones could grow faster. Wow what a process!

A few more highlights
- Kermit and I visited Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to see Edward Hopper exhibit - fun time (and without the kids!!!)
- took the little one's to the Public Garden to see Mr. and Mrs. Mallard from "Make way for Ducklings" Annaliese's favorite bedtime story.
- Chased Sniffs the dog all over the house. (Annaliese is in love with that animal!)
-Played and played with cousins Erin and Adam.
- Picked bowls and bowls of wild blackberries.
- Swam in Uncle Tancred's pool with the cousins AND Grandma King! (Time to get my girls in swimming lessons- Aunt Chau had to jump in the jacuzzi in her clothes to save Annaliese who thought she knew how to swim! Thanks Chau for your good eyes and quick reaction!)
- Avrie spotted a snake in the grass along the house - yikes! Not scared at all, wanted to touch it!

Here are some pics from the Public Garden in Boston. Annaliese had the time of her life climbing up on Mrs. Mallard and naming all of the ducklings...Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, Pack & Quack! Did I get them all right? She would know.

Here we are in front of the pond with the swan boats. We didn't get to ride in them because they were closed...but we did get to see the "real" Mr. and Mrs. Mallard and some real little ducklings too.

Later the girls had the best time ever chasing squirrels. Yes, we tormented them all. They were glad when we finally left.


Saying goodbye to grandma.
Aunt Chau and Cousins Erin, Adam and Emma with Annaliese.

Swimming in Uncle Tanc's pool.