Sunday, March 22, 2009

Birthday weekend review.

This weekend we celebrated Kermit's birthday. 44 big ones! We decided to have a low key "family party" this year. Annaliese was very concerned because all of Kermit's family were not his mom and brothers. Yes, that would have been nice. (Like we had a few years back, a surprise "whole family party". Maybe we'll try that again another year! Shhh.) This year however, was a happy one nonetheless with just the 5 of us. We had wonderful weather so we loaded the kids up for a day out at the zoo. Ahh, spring. It's coming, or rather it's finally officially here! When we got home we worked in the front yard a bit while the twins just played and "helped". Poor Annaliese slept on the couch, she's been sick the last few days. Kermit cut some stones and laid a little path that leads to the water spickett (sp?) and hose so we don't have to get muddy every time we walk back there. He cut the hedges too. It looks great! That evening we had presents and cupcakes. The girls were thrilled! Kermit wished that I wouldn't take any pictures of him at his party...but his birthday wish didn't come true. I mean how could I blog about his birthday without a birthday picture? Sorry Honey. But his other birthday wish did come true. He had a relaxing, no commitment to anyone, low key, happy day with his family.
Happy Birthday Kermit! I love you so much! Your girls adore you! May 44 be as good as 43! xoxo from all of us!

(This is just a funny picture I thought I'd add...the girls loved "helping" to make the cupcakes!)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mama said there'd be days like this...

Well I haven't been good at keeping up with the blog lately. I guess the reason is, I've just been too tired. My three little darlings are terrible sleepers at night, which means Kermit and I also get terrible sleep. Add to the mix the fact that one of the kids has been a little stinker lately and there you have it, one tired mom that is too dead to the world to blog about anything.

Lucky for me last night was a full TEN hour sleep night! Yes, TEN lovely, blissful, uninterrupted hours of sleep. Yea me! Yea girls! Woohoo! =) I am a new woman! Add to that the fact that Avrie had a great day and I am even more thrilled to be blogging! Uh oh, it's 9:45pm and I think I hear my 3 little darlings. They are still awake, now one is screaming. Gotta go! Hopefully I'll be back soon with some great stories to share...and I've got some cute ones!