Sunday, May 10, 2015

My baby is a toddler

I cannot believe how quickly this girl is growing.  By far she has grown up faster than the others.  Why is that? Time is just racing. I feel like she should barely be turning one and here we are at almost 19 months next week. 

This girl knows how to talk.  It seems so strange.  Here is this little baby that has figured out how to let the world know exactly what she wants or needs.  I stopped keeping track of her words a couple of months ago but my guess is that she uses 300 words or more.  She is also starting to make sentences.  Yesterday at the store I asked her if she liked some PJ's that were her size and she said clear as day, "I like it."  My jaw dropped!  She sings songs with sentences but I figure she doesn't really know what she is saying but maybe she does!  She sings Twinkle Twinkle, ABC and Baa Baa Black Sheep.  She recently learned Popcorn Popping and The Wise Man Built His House and other songs for nursery.  She also cracks me up when she gets something taken away from her.  She says "HEY!" In fact she uses Hey and No interchangeably I think.  It's pretty cute.

I still have her in her infant car seat.  She really needs to be in a regular car seat but I love the convenience of being able to  move her when she falls asleep.  Often she thinks she doesn't need a nap and will just cry in bed or play at nap time.  I know she is tired so I put her in the car and she falls asleep instantly. At least she is really good at going to bed at night.  Every night she is in bed by 8:15 with lights out. Our routine is to read stories, brush teeth and say prayers then another quick story before lights out.  I hug all of he little bears in bed and turn on her little musical sea horse.  Almost always she gives me the sweetest smile then rolls on her side and drifts off to sleep. She is such a dear.  She sleeps through the night most nights but about twice a week she cries and I just go in and tell her she is okay and I'll lay down and end up spending the rest of the night in her room.

She has also become a climber.  She loves to switch the lights on and off and climbs up on furniture to get to the switches.  This week I had to pull her down off the computer desk.  Gotta watch this girl! 

She also LOVES being outside.  That is all she wants to do.  As soon as the door opens she wants out.  This summer I think it will a challenge because I know she will want to be outdoors most of the time.   My work right now is mostly indoors so I'm sure I'll be getting creative and will do more cooking outside.  She also loves her baths.  She likes playing in the running water.  I see many hours of play with the garden hose this summer!

I have never seen a more happy and easy going baby.  Sure she has her moments, especially when she is overtired, but her personality is just happy.  She loves to hug.  She can bring a smile to my face no matter what my mood.  She is truly a blessing and I am so grateful she came along.

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