Saturday, April 24, 2010

Catch Up Post - December 2009 Adventures!

Before I can post spring pictures....let me post these winter ones! One of these days I'll be better at keeping this blog up to date....for now it's me playing catch-up! Enjoy our flashbacks!

Every year for December we have a little wooden advent calendar with little doors that count down to Christmas. Behind each door of the calender is a note inside that reveals a special something that we get to do as a family. Sometimes the advent calender will send us somewhere exciting like Navy Pier Winter Wonderland, other days we get to decorate candy houses. Sometimes we get a new Christmas book to read. Every day is exciting as the kids pull out the note that tells them what fun thing they get to do for the day. Here are some pictures we took from some of advent calendar outings. Good times!

I took the kids and hopped on the EL train. Three stops later we were at Kermit's NEW office building! We met up with dad and had a lunch date to remember! 42nd floor!

December would just not be complete without a visit to Navy Pier's Winter Wonderland. Loving the little Ferris Wheel!

We went to see CSO's Welcome Yule! Fun! The girls primary teacher sings professionally and is a member of the CSO choir. It was fun to get dressed up all fancy and to see their teacher perform. (Fun extra tidbit...during intermission a youth orchestra was performing in one of the ball room lobby areas. Addie started to dance and twirl to the music totally uninhibited. Soon the other two joined in as well and they all just stole the show! It was too cute! Oh how I wish I had video! I knew then that I needed to get them signed up for a dance class!)

We visited the Botanic Gardens. You'd think that there wouldn't be much to see or do in the winter....but what a fun place any time of year. They have an elaborate indoor exhibit of little trains traveling all throughout villages made of tree bark and all kinds of woodland plants. So cute! They also had a variety of fun activities for the kids to do as well. Love that place!

Can't forget Rain forest Cafe!

Took the girlies to the Art Institute. They did pretty good. (Lost Addie for a good five minutes! Now that was the worst feeling ever! Luckily she was wearing bright pink and was easily spotted clear across the other side of the museum. Whew!)


Guess who was the star of the kindergarten class play? Great performance Annaliese!

That's about it for now! Next we'll be skipping to February. Come back soon!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dancing Queens

I signed the girls up for their first dance class. It's a combination tap/ballet/tumbling class, 20 minutes of each. They pretty much LOVE it!

This clip was taken right after their first class when we got home. Makes me laugh out loud every time. They are dancing queens for sure! Enjoy!

The girls call their leotard and tights...their "costumes". Avrie chose a black costume because it's her new fav color. Addie chose the pink with a skirt and has it on everyday at some point. Annaliese wasn't with us when we went shopping so her sisters chose for her. She likes what they picked. Pink, no skirt.

After our second class Avrie accidentally came home with two left tap shoes, one two sizes too small. Obviously we learned quickly that names written big and bold in shoes is important. We have not found her right shoe yet....but somebody in her class has it I'm sure. She has been a good sport wearing her ballet shoes for tap class until the mystery of the missing tap shoe is solved.

The class is for 4-6 year olds. Annaliese is the only 6 year old and is a full head taller than all the other girls! There is one five year old, her friend from church...the rest are four year olds. She doesn't mind though. She gets along just fine with 4 year olds. =)

I think this class is perfect for these girls! They are loving it!

Monday, April 12, 2010

P.S. I need to update my blog

I am still alive...just so you all know. =) We are doing great and loving spring! Pictures coming soon!